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Ten Ways To Get Moving

  1. Make a fitness date with a friend.
  2. Do something fun that’s also physical, such as dancing.
  3. Walk or cycle to and from work.
  4. If your job is sedentary, get up and walk around - even if it’s just along the hall and down the stairs and back again - once an hour.
  5. Pace while talking on the phone. If it’s a cell phone, go for a walk down the street.

  6. When watching TV, walk around the house, or do a little housework or something else useful, during the commercial breaks.
  7. Run your errands—on foot. Rather than driving to each stop on your list, park once and walk. Carry a tote bag for incidentals. If you live close enough to the town center, leave the car at home. When you get back, wash and wax it.
  8. If you’re stuck waiting for a flight or appointment, do a lap or two around the airport or the block.
  9. Take up gardening.
  10. Do housework—vacuum, sweep, wash the floors; clean out all the cupboards, including the very back of the highest and hardest to reach ones; scrub the windowsills; strip the beds and flip all the mattresses.

Twenty steps burns 1 calorie!

*Disclaimer: Results are typical but not guaranteed. Your actual results may vary. Real CalMWM patients shown with permission.

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