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Lifestyle Modification

One way to give yourself a leg up on your journey to your weight loss goal is to change aspects of your lifestyle that don’t support healthy behaviors - aspects that keep you trapped in unhealthy habits. It’s important to remember that not only are small changes easier to implement and stick to, but over time their cumulative effects really add up. Here are a few suggestions for positive lifestyle changes.

At Home

Reduce time spent watching television and in other sedentary behaviors; build physical activity into regular routines; put unhealthy food choices out of sight.

At Work

Go for a walk instead of taking a coffee break; take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk to a colleague’s office instead of calling or emailing them.


Don’t eat in the car ever; change regular routes that take you past hard-to-resist places such as bakeries and fast food restaurants.

Grocery Store

Become an inveterate label reader - don’t buy products high in fat and sugar; shop around the outside of the store first - this is where fresh produce and pure proteins (meats, fish) are typically situated; don’t shop when you are hungry; come armed with a list and don’t deviate from it.


Stop drinking soda or switch to sugar-free drinks; switch from white flour to whole-wheat or other high-fiber flour; when snacking, put a small amount on a plate and eat only that instead of dipping into the bag until it’s all gone; eat fruit (fresh or dried) instead of sweets.

*Disclaimer: Results are typical but not guaranteed. Your actual results may vary. Real CalMWM patients shown with permission.

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